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$1199 Brother Stampcreator PRO and Supply Assortment with FREE SHIPPING!

$1199 Brother Stampcreator PRO and Supply Assortment with FREE SHIPPING!


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Get the complete Stampcreator System with 41 stamps and selling assistance items (point-of-purchase counter display, catalogs, brochures and 24" x 36" poster to hang proudly in your store).  Your $1199 investment will more than be repaid just by selling those included 41 stamps at suggested retail prices (approx. $1,100 value).

$  999.00  SC-2000 System
      92.64  1 box each SC-1438 Black & Red (12 stamps)
      56.21  1 box SC-1850 Black (6 stamps)
      68.61  1 box SC-2260 Black (6 stamps)
      80.74  1 box SC-2770 Black (6 stamps)
      50.04  1 box SC-1060 Black (6 stamps)
$1347.24  Regular Total
+ 50 to 80  Regular shipping cost depending on your location
$1,397 to $1,427  Regular Cost Range

Your Actual Cost:  $1199 and ... FREE FedEx
* Offer limited to end-user purchases of Stampcreator Pro System.  No dealers allowed.  Continental USA residents only.  Shipping by FedEx Ground to a single location.   No deviations allowed to the listed package, although additional stamps can be added.  Promotional discount provided by $200 instant rebate from Brother International.  Quantities are limited.  Promotion ends June 30, 2024.
This exclusive commercial system creates a major profit center by turning signatures, graphics, text, clip art, photos and logos into pre-inked stamps while your customers wait.

Everyone knows that stamps help people get through practically every job faster and easier, but no one ever plans ahead to buy a stamp. But when your customers need one, they need it now! And you can give it to them with the Brother Stampcreator PRO™.

With this innovative system, virtually anything you can view on a computer monitor can become a custom designed, professional pre-inked stamp. With Stampcreator PRO's proprietary 600 dpi technology, anything is possible and everything is reproducible.

The Stampcreator PRO is an ideal bonus profit opportunity for anyone in the stamp manufacturing business or in the related fields of printing, stationery, mailing centers, copy centers, office supplies or other personalized product or office equipment business.

Complete System! -- The SC-2000 Processing Unit comes complete with Windows software, serial and USB cables, thermal ribbon cassette, 150 draft sheets and 41 stamps (36 listed above plus five stamps in the box with the machine). The illustrated instruction manual and interactive tutorial will show you the way to use the system in great detail, but if you ever need technical assistance it is just a toll-free phone call away. One-year warranty is included.

JMP Low Price Promise! -- There are reasons that we are Brother's largest selling distributor - friendly service, prompt shipping of all stamp sizes and colors plus exceptional technical support.  Occasionally other resellers offer "refurbished" or "demo" systems at lower cost.  Call us before you commit to any other offer -- we promise to always be competitive on comparable equipment and supplies.

PC System Requirements:  Windows 2000 and above (32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are supported)
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