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Bakelite Matrix Materials - CLOSEOUT

Bakelite Matrix Materials - CLOSEOUT


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Soon to be DISCONTINUED by Manufacturer.  We recommend our Compressed Powder Matrix as the replacement.

We offer three variations of our Matrix Board Material. Used to create molds for rubber stamp dies from your master plates. Available in various sheet sizes or can be custom cut to meet your special applications. Uncured shelf life is six months. Thickness and sheet size dimensions are approximate.

TRADITIONAL BAKELITE MATRIX -- A soft, fine grained molding material designed for molding at various pressures in all vulcanizers with temperatures of 300 degrees F. Works extremely well with lead type and art stamps pressed from magnesium photoengravings. Releases with Silicone Spray Release Solution. Is soft and easily formed, but durable enough for repeated use in molding stamp dies.
        - No. 99 thickness is about .140" - .150"  SOLD OUT
        - B3 thickness is about .210" - .220".    SOLD OUT

EXTRA DEEP MATRIX -- Get exceptional relief from magnesium master plates. This super-soft material conforms to every detail of the original. Mold from 16 gauge, 11 point and 1/4 inch magnesium photoengravings. Releases with Silicone Spray Release Solution. Repeated molding of multiple rubber dies before replacement is necessary. Overall thickness is approximately .270" - .280".   
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