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Blu-Ray Invisible Stamping System

Blu-Ray Invisible Stamping System


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Our Blu-Ray Ink can only be seen under ultraviolet light. Order the ink alone or in kit form containing 2 oz. of ink and a no. 0 uninked stamp pad. Use only with an "uninked" stamp pad.

Security Stamping: Protect valuable equipment and other personal property. Stamp a name and phone number on an area of the valuable item that doesn't get a lot of wear. Within seconds the ink dries, disappearing to obvious view. Because of the popularity of UV ink stamping, some police departments routinely check recovered stolen property under ultraviolet light for concealed markings. Your customer will be able to absolutely identify their belongings after stamping with Blu-Ray Ink.

Re-admission Stamping: Chances are that your hand has been stamped with Blu-Ray ink when entering a sporting event, night club, concert, carnival or other paid admission event. The person's hand is stamped upon initial entry and must be held under a UV lamp to prove that they paid before being allowed reentry.

Blu-Ray Flashlight:  Our compact Blu-Ray Flashlight is an excellent compliment to any Blu-Ray Ink sale. It's not as large and bulky as usual fluorescent light sources.  Concentrates high intensity ultraviolet light in a small area. 
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