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Compressed Powder Matrix

Compressed Powder Matrix


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COMPRESSED POWDER MATRIX is an outstanding product for capturing every detail from your master molding plate.

• When heated it becomes soft like a paste allowing for easier and
deeper penetration of magnesium and photopolymer master plates
• Two Thicknesses:
A = .150”-.160” overall with .080” floor (best for Standard Etch)
B = .230”-.240” overall with .135” floor (best for Deep Etch)
• Little to no risk of damage to the master
• Exact reproduction of fine details into the board
• Wide time and temperature range for processing
• Virtually unlimited shelf-life without pre-curing
• Not affected by humidity

Processing Instructions

1)  Because this material melts so completely before hardening, it is essential that you use bearer bars to control platen spacing and alignment. We recommend:

• Thickness A (for 16 gauge magnesium .064” overall, up to .040” etch)    .156” Bearers
• Thickness B (for 11 point magnesium .153” overall, up to .080” etch)      .281“ Bearers

2)  Spray silicone release solution on the magnesium master. Do not spray the matrix directly.
3)  Platens should be approx. 310°F. Preheat the matrix and master between the bearer bars
on the lower platen for 2-3 minutes with a 1/8” gap from the top platen. Use release paper
on top and bottom to avoid sticking to the platens.
4)  Slowly apply sufficient pressure so that the platens are tight against the bearer bars.
5)  Cure for 10-11 minutes.

NOTE:  Orders for 19.7" x 25.6" sheets may incur an "oversize" shipping fee by the carrier which may not be reflected in the shipping cost for your order.  We will contact you if there is a significant shipping cost discrepancy.

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