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Coverdex Wood Mount Strips

Coverdex Wood Mount Strips


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Our 1/4" width through 3" width natural wood mount strips are blonde in color with a light lacquer finish.  3½" and 4" are stained dark cherry.

Furnished in 18" lengths, complete with a resilient sponge cushion, paper index strip and clear plastic index cover.

For the smoothest finish these mount strips should be cut to length with a band saw or table saw using a fine tooth blade or carbide tipped blade. Drill a hole for the handle with our Spur Point Handle Drill Bits.

The cushion on 1/4" through 3" is covered with a self-adhesive tape strip for easy mounting of rubber or photopolymer stamp dies. Just peel away the protective paper and place your die on the cushion.  3½" and 4" have plain cushion that will require Rubber Cement for adhering rubber dies or Contact Cement for adhering photopolymer dies.
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