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Fingerprint Pads

Fingerprint Pads


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Fingerprint ink pad in snap close case. Size: 2" diameter.   Impregnated with a nontoxic, fast-drying, non-smearing, permanent ink that dries instantly. The micro pores in the ceramic surface regulate the ink flow, preventing fingertips from being over inked. The ceramic pad does not deteriorate with use and allows for a consistent crisp imprint each and every time.Two variations to offer your customers:

LIGHT INK is very popular with financial institutions.  The nontoxic light inkless grade ink is easily removed by simply wiping the fingertips together or using soap and water.  Contained in a gray plastic case.

DARK INK is very popular with law enforcement agencies and this ink is approved for use by the FBI.  The nontoxic ink is easily removed with soap and water.  Contained in a black plastic case.

Your custom digitally printed label applied on quantities of 50+.  Ask for details.
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