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Indelible Ultra-Perm Cloth Marking Ink

Indelible Ultra-Perm Cloth Marking Ink


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Indelible ink is designed for use on light colored cloth (cotton, linen and rayon) when a permanent mark is needed. Ideal for use by campers, students, nurses and military personnel. After stamping fabrics, set aside for one hour to allow ink to set properly. Impression is locked securely into fibers and is not affected by frequent laundering.

This ink remains moist and usable on the pad for several days (begin with an uninked pad). A soft "cake" may develop on the pad surface which may be removed by the addition of fresh ink. Black, blue, red, white, green, and yellow are offered.

May cause deterioration of photopolymer stamp dies. Rubber dies are recommended for use with Cloth Marking Ink.  Do not use this ink with the Trodat Cloth Marking stamp.
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