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Laser Stencil Materials

Laser Stencil Materials


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These high quality stencil materials cut cleanly with your laser.  Used to put an image on plywood, drywall, cardboard or virtually any flat or curved surface.  Heavy thickness prevents ink from bleeding through.  Use with paint roller, spray paint, paint brush, sponge or airbrush.  Various standard sheet sizes and can also be supplied in custom size.  Note:  depending on destination larger sizes may incur UPS or FedEx "oversize" shipping rates.

Also known as stencil board, oil board is a great material to use for number and letter stencils as well as custom logo stencils. Material is 0.015” thick and made from tag board which has been treated with a layer of thick oil. This combination of thickness and treatment makes oil board stencils durable and suitable for 5 to 10 applications in most instances. Three stock sizes plus custom cutting to meet your needs.

Also known as Polyester, this material is widely used for stencils because it is easy to clean and stencil with. Mylar can be cleaned with most solvents and it can be reused many times for a stencil that will typically last 20 to 50 applications. Material is .010” thick. Offered in two stock sizes or can be custom cut to your required size.

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