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Magnesium Engraving Service

Magnesium Engraving Service


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Send your artwork to us "camera ready," meaning that it is in black ink on clean, unlined white paper or posterboard. You can also e-mail the artwork to us. Determine the total to the nearest image size; for example, an image area measuring 7 1/4" x 9 1/2" = 68 7/8 square inches and will be considered as a 70 square inch area.

The MAGNESIUM MASTER PLATE is a one-time item used to form the matrix mold. Two thicknesses are offered. "Standard Etch" will create stamp printing characters that are about .040" high, suitable for most "business stamp" type of applications. "Deep Etch" will create stamp printing characters that are about .070" high which is most common for "art stamps," for stamping on cloth, corrugated cardboard and other irregular surface stamping.
After submitting your order, please follow up by e-mailing the artwork to

We will hold your magnesium engravings and matrix molds on file for up to two years.  If molded rubber has not been ordered in two+ years we reserve the right to dispose of the magnesium engravings and matrix molds.  Upon your request we will ship the magnesium and matrix directly to you.

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