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Neo-Neon LED Electric Sign

Neo-Neon LED Electric Sign


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A vibrant combination of canary yellow lettering with a bright red stamp all on a stark black background create a striking visual image that potential customers will not forget. Lettering design and border create the appearance of a true neon sign costing many hundreds of dollars. 

• Embedded LEDs push light across the face
• Ultra-Slim design and no hot spots
• 1” stand-offs can be mounted on front
      (for window display) or back (for wall display)
• Lightweight adapter direct pigtail wired
• No switch provides sleek profile
• Light emanates from the edges causing attractive halo effect
• Eco-friendly LED technology saves on energy consumption
• Low heat and rated 50,000 hours
• 100-240 Vac, 1 amp, 50/60Hz
• Chain hanging kit for wall mounting
• 13” x 20” face, 3/8” thick, 4 lbs.
• Proudly Made in USA

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