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Phase II Digital Ribbon Printer

Phase II Digital Ribbon Printer


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The latest addition to our Phase II Hot Stamping family is the fully computerized Phase II Digital Ribbon Printer.  It allows you to print directly from your computer with unlimited possibilities. You can design and print ribbons to fit your customer’s needs.

Requires any Windows operating system, XP or above (32 or 64 bit). USB cable and software are provided.

The Digital Ribbon Printer works best on polyester single/double faced satin ribbon. You cannot print on acetate or sheer organza ribbon.

One of the great features of the Digital Ribbon Printer is its ability for quick set-up and printing. It allows you to save the ribbon designs you create for future use and modification. Simply lay out your design, and click the “save” icon.  When the customer re-orders, just open the file to reprint the job!
Perfect for
•  Awards Retailers
•  Mail & Parcel Centers
•  Party Stores
•  Wedding Stores
•  Florists
•  Craft Stores
•  Gift Basket Companies
•  Funeral Homes
•  Gift Wrapping
•  Gourmet Packaging
•  Hair Ribbons
•  Schools
•  Churches
•  Much More!
•  Ribbon sizes 3/8" to 4" wide
•  Uses any font or language installed on your computer
•  Uses all Windows fonts in Bold, Italic or Underline
•  Prints 1 to 15 lines of text
•  Text length is unlimited
•  Ribbon length is unlimited
•  Text height up to 4 inches
•  Rotate text in any direction
•  Import company logos and clipart
•  Repeat the same set-up thousands of times
•  Save your ribbon designs for future use
•  Prints on single or double faced satin ribbon
•  Prints a 12" ribbon in 3 seconds
•  One Year Warranty
Our Complete System:
•  Phase II Digital Ribbon Printer
•  Software & Instructions
•  USB Cable
•  Ribbon Dispenser
•  2 rolls of foil (choose from any $19.80 color options)
•  2 rolls of ribbon (your color choice, 1” wide x 165 ft.)
•  1 year Warranty
Ribbon Adapters:
Allow you to print multiple ribbons at once, thereby maximizing the efficient use of foil.
•    3/8" Ribbon Adapter lets you print up to 5 rolls at once
•    5/8" Ribbon Adapter lets you print up to 4 rolls at once
•    7/8" Ribbon Adapter lets you print up to 3 rolls at once
•    1" Ribbon Adapter lets you print up to 3 rolls at once
•    1 1/2" Ribbon Adapter lets you print up to 2 rolls at once
•    1 3/4" Ribbon Adapter lets you print up to 2 rolls at once
Click the links below to order foil and ribbon.
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