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Polymer Plus 200 Exposure Unit Replacement Parts

Polymer Plus 200 Exposure Unit Replacement Parts


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Our Model 200 Polymer Plus Exposure Unit is one of the world's most popular exposure units. The following items may need to be replaced periodically. Many of these items will work with other brands of exposure unit. Let us know what type of exposure unit you have and we will advise if our accessories are suitable, or we may be able to provide specific items for your exposure unit.

PP-LT -- U.V Light Tubes, six per machine.  18 inch length.  We highly recommend replacing all six at the same time for uniform intensity of light across the exposure area.

PP-GP -- Pair of glass plates, 1/4" x 11" x 15"

PP-GC -- Pair of clamps that hold the glass plates together, 11" long.

PP-BB -- Bearer bars that go between the glass plates, .100" x 11"

PP-PAD -- Steel backed foam exposure pad for use when exposing negative film.

PP-PAN -- Post Exposure Pan, fits in the exposure drawer for post-exposure of the polymer plate.
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