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Rocker Mount Strips

Rocker Mount Strips


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The rocker mounts provide a way to mount stamp dies which are too large to print properly when mounted on conventional flat mount strips. A rounded cushion permits only a small portion of the die to come into contact with the printing surface at one time. Impressions are made by rolling or "rocking" the stamp.

Furnished in 18" length strips.  Stained wood finish (color may vary).  For the smoothest edge these mount strips should be cut to length with a band saw or table saw using a fine tooth blade or carbide tipped blade.

Sponge rubber cushion requires adhesive for attaching your stamp dies. Rubber dies can be adhered with rubber cement. Polymer dies are best adhered with contact cement.

Use a Size 4 Wood Handle for smaller Rocker Mount Stamps. Use our Rocker Mount Plastic Handle for larger stamps (5" or longer) by attaching to the mount with supplied screws.
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