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Wood or Plastic Handle Printing in Full Color

Wood or Plastic Handle Printing in Full Color


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NEW!  UV Inkjet Printing in Full Color on Wood or Plastic Handles.

One of the best and most economical ways to advertise your business is to have your wood or plastic rubber stamp handles printed with your personalized message. The small cost incurred is far outweighed by the extra business that you can generate with your custom message on the face of every stamp that you sell. Ordering printed handles for your wholesalers is an excellent way to keep their customers returning to them, and keep the wholesalers loyal to you! Service available on all sizes and colors of wood and plastic handles.

SETUP: Handle printing requires a setup process to convert the image into suitable form for printing. There is a one-time charge for the service, after which it remains our property for your exclusive use. Cost of setup includes simple typesetting. Once we have your printing setup on file you only pay the regular printing charge on subsequent orders.

Our experience in handle printing has shown that the best handle imprints contain a minimum number of words or a simple logo. The more words that you put on the handle, the smaller the letters must be and there will be a general decrease in the quality of printing. Copy for the printing die must reduce to no more than 5/8 x 5/8". Allow up to two weeks for production. Minimum order is for 100 handles of one size and color.

Handle Printing Service cannot be ordered without an order for similar quantity of Wood or Plastic Rubber Stamp Handles.
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