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Wood Rubber Stamp Handles

Wood Rubber Stamp Handles


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Graceful Body • Durable Finish • Sturdy Tenons

These popular flat front handles are renowned for style and quality throughout the rubber stamp industry. Their distinctive appearance and outstanding quality will enhance the value of any rubber stamp. Their reputation for value has been justly earned.

Choose from richly finished, long lasting jet black gleaming enamel or deep grain walnut. Extra long, extra sturdy tenons are accurately sized to fit drilled holes in mounts (for good results, drill with our spur point drills). Size 1 Handles require a 1/4" hole. Size 2 Handles require a 5/16" hole. Size 3 and 4 Handles require a 3/8" hole.

The flat side (to indicate front) can be imprinted with a name and/or logo.
Size #1 - 1 3/4" height, 1" knob, 1/4" tenon
Size #2 - 2 1/8" height, 1" knob, 5/16" tenon
Size #3 - 2 1/2" height, 1 1/8" knob, 3/8" tenon
Size #4 - 2 1/2" height, 1 5/8" knob, 3/8" tenon
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